RiNg out the OLd and rInG in the nEw!

As another year goes by and I grow a year older, I still find that I go through trials. Wouldn't life be so much easier if your trials and tribulations lessen as you get older?...

But then I think to myself, how could you have better memories than those that have a trial attached with them? This is very unlike the typical saying you here at church, "trials make you a stronger and a better person."

So here in my "ring out the old and ring in the new" passage, I want to list off my memories of 2008. This list contains some of my favorite memories that stuck out to me the most, yet it also highlights some trials and difficult moments that surprisingly are memorable as well.

Memories of 2008:

  1. Most important, Matt and I got Married!
  2. Our Honeymoon in Maine and Boston.
  3. Matt leaves me for two weeks during our engagement to go to Guatemala.
  4. Living at home for two months away from my fiance.
  5. Matt's parents late to the reception, I having to help set it up.
  6. Worrying so much.
  7. Meeting Matt's brother and sister-in-law.
  8. Having to change our wedding date.
  9. Finding out what it would be like to live with mom and dad again.
  10. New Years in Oregon at a Jazz Club.
  11. Strengthening our friendship with Tracie and Austin.
  12. Meeting new friends at church (specifically Cami and Dustin).
  13. Getting a calling for the very first time at church.
  14. Living in Salt Lake City.
  15. Working at Guadalupe Schools with at-risk Hispanic children.
  16. Going to Mexico to the Yucatan Peninsula with my mother for ten days.
  17. Generous family and friends throwing me bridal showers.
  18. Matt finishes his documentary.
  19. Halloween get together at our own house.
  20. Grandma has a stroke/heart attack.
  21. Finally have say on all the decorating that goes on in my own home!
  22. My cousin Karlee is married the same month I am.
  23. Received my endowments.
  24. Hiked Mt. Timpanogos Cave.
  25. Valentines at Ballet West (not what Matt hoped for,... no kiss)
  26. Matt's Proposal
  27. Antique Car Museum, Tracy Bird Aviary "Super Saturday" Matt planned.
  28. Ambriella's baby blessing, being with Brandt & Mindy at church.
  29. Brandt tolerates Matt a little more.
  30. Spending more time with my neices.
  31. I discover my inner artist abilities.
  32. Not having as much money as I am used to.
  33. Finding somewhere to live.
  34. Finding a job at the last minute.
  35. Matt and I are very blessed with all that we have for just being newly weds.

So as we all "rInG out the OlD and RinG in the NeW" let us all be more thankful for the trials and blessings that bring us our next years memories. Yeah for 2009!

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Fig said...

Fun list, and I like your thoughts about good/bad memories. The pictures from Yucatan are great! Looks like such a good time . . . especially with the monkey!

Lechelle said...

I'm glad you had such a good year. I agree, sometimes the bad stuff and good stuff are the same thing. :)