One tradition Matt and I want to have each year is Ice Skating. This year we kicked it off earlier than we wanted. We originally wanted it to be a New Years day activity. But as long as we do it, I'm a happy camper!

We made Matt's parents come with us, which at first they were a little resentful and then thanked us afterward. They were so glad we made them get outdoors and off there butts. Which was exactly what the doctor ordered for us!

I had so much fun. I just have to rub it in that I am so much better
at skating than Matt. He is lucky if he doesn't fall down, where I do spins all around him. It's not very often that I am better at something than he is.

Another tradition I had before Matt was making some sort of a
Christmas craft. I made Matt join in on one so that we could have a creative tree red and white tree (which is my colors I themed for this year, red, black, and white). He helped painted wood candy canes and wired them while I hung them up. We found out it is much better to have me decorate the tree while he just does the lights and other things .....he he. Here are some of the few things I put together or decorated around the house. If I didn't mention this before love decorating. I was so excited to decorate my house for the first time. Just the way I like it!

Here is a snowman's hat (my craft)

We also try to read a Christmas story, with a song, and scripture every night. We plan to carry that on threw the years. My previous blog was an example of one of the stories in our book.

What are some of your traditions?

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Heidi Ferguson said...

I love the snowman's hat...what a great idea! You'll have to tell me how you did it. The ice skating looks so fun too...was that in SLC? It's fun to go to an outdoor rink and have all the Christmas lights all around you. We're going to be in Utah for two weeks starting this Sunday so we wanna get together with you guys!

Fig said...

When we're in Utah with our families, we have lots of traditions - on our own, not so much. We're going to go to a movies marathon on Christmas day this year though . . . maybe that will become our new tradition. :-) Your skating pictures are cute! I'm probably about at Matt's level when it comes to ice skating, if not worse. I went on a skating date in Provo once and fell down SO many times.

Heather said...

how fun! jason and I have been married 4 years and this will be our 5 th christmas together and we yet to have a tradition, it seems we do something one year and say we are going to keep it going, and it never have given me the encouragement to get off my butt, and get some things going on around here! your hat!

Brittnee Ann said...

Thanks heidi we will deff get together. Matt and I will be gone for the first week when you get here, but after that would be great....then I just might share you my secret of how to make my snowman's hat.

Brittnee Ann said...

Fig your movie marathon sounds great! I used to do a 24 athon to get caught up when I was single. I loved it, though I felt very lazy, I did it for days!

Heather, I'm so glad to hear from you! I guess we will be lucky if we carry on the traditions that I had. I hear things change once your married...

Horrocks Clan said...

Our traditions change EVERY year... LOL! Merry Christmas! xoxo