Wedding Day- August 22nd

Wedding Day

My photos are finally here and I finally have access to the computer to post them (we don't have the internet at home yet). So heres the schedule... We got married friday morning on the 22nd of August in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Our reception followed a day later in Roosevelt, Ut. We Went on our honeymoon afterwards (more pics of the honeymoon to come later..or soon) to the coast of Maine. Came back from Maine and had an open house in Salt Lake City on Labor day. I know it was hard for everyone to make it so this is for the ones who would like to see how the day went.

It feels "GREAT" to finally be married. It has it perks and of course not every day is perfect. There is always the moments when you realize that not everything "I" do is the right way to do things. Some of the perks include doing whatever I want with my husband..wink...wink, and how sweet he is to me splitting the household duties. He actually does more than me right now because he has the advantage of working at home and he LOVES me. He is so amazing, he has been making me lunches everyday and fixing breakfast every morning so far. I'm just waiting for the moment he'll stop doing that because it won't be as exciting to him. Anyhow here are the rest of thephotos....

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Heidi Ferguson said...

You look so beautiful! I love your dress and flowers too. I'm so happy that you married Matt and that you are so happy! I'm sorry I missed your wedding and everything, I would have loved to have been there.

Fig said...

So, he's really cute. Way to go!

Austin said...

congratulations! it was so great to see you guys get married, you both look fantastic and so happy!