Public Announcement

I am not one to publicly announce my personal feelings let alone the love I have for my beau. But since his birthday was this last week, and I saw the cute post my cousin did about her hubby, I thought of the appreciation I have for my own.

And thought I would blog about it.

If I were to mention all the things I love about him it would take to long and I'm sure it would bore some of you. Therefore I will only stick to the ones that stand out to me the most.

He treats me right, meaning he puts me first and is almost always the one to give in. If it means my happiness, he is willing to do it. If it means him apologizing even if he wasn't in the wrong and it was just my stubbornness, he is willing. He has always opened my door now and when we were dating (two years in all). While I was working he made lunches and breakfast for me before I went to work. Even dinners sometimes, which by the way he is a good cook. Most of all, he makes sure I know he loves me through his actions as well as his words.
His creative, kid-like, crazy mind! I was lucky to have such dates that took such creativity and planning. Or at least someone who was willing to win me over pretending to be creative...ha ha. Nonetheless, they were always fun.

Even now he is willing to prove to me life can still be fun even if you are married, and so far he has made married life fun. He isn't afraid to be himself around anyone! Sometimes I tell him how childish it is, but that's who he is and darn-it- baby I'll take it, don't stop. That just means you'll be fun with our future kids.

Most importantly, he is a good man. He believes in me. He shares and values the same beliefs I have. He gave me my dream of living worthy to take me to the temple. He accepts me and loves me regardless of my faults and past mistakes. He is a non judgmental individual, and was willing to hear the worse of the worsts without a blink. He is charismatic, friendly, loyal, dependable, trustworthy, and a faithful priesthood holder. I am grateful that he gets along with all my friends and family.

I love you my Little Man!

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Cami said...

Awe what a cute post. Happy Birthday to Matt. Sorry we missed it. I honestly didn't know it was his birthday. Hope it was a great one.

Kandice said...

That was so sweet. I have only met him a few times, but he truly does seem like a great guy. I'm glad you found him (and that he found you!)

Schramer Films said...

Brittnee is too nice and a terrible liar. She made up all those lies about me to make me sound better. But hey I'll take the compliments when I can get them. Thanks love!

Tracie said...

Happy birthday Matt! Sorry we were too busy on the actual day.

Matt is a great husband. So glad you guys found each other.

Sunflower said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting, Brittnee.....we are so grateful that you and Matt are so happy. You are both so cute! What a blessing for us that you both found each other!!