I'm Engaged!

I'm getting married, who would of thought of that!! Lol. My life of always having a relationship has come to a halt and have finally found someone that gets to put up with me. Yeah! All who know me know's my good and bad and know that it is definately a blessing to find someone who is a good guy and treat's me right. Finally somebody everyone agrees is a good choice! Here is the story of how I got engaged.

It all started on a Monday, the day of our one year aniversary (May 5th), when he surprisingly came to my work to take me to lunch. I could tell the was something unusual because he was a bit nervous and I was thinking it could be because he was going to propose or was simply doing something out of the norm for our one year. I kept the conversation going in the car to ease the situation just in case, I then noticed we were driving farther than my half hour time slot would allow. I asked Matt what was going on he had said that he took off the rest of the day for me. We drove to Provo to a Cafe where we first ate lunch together. He had the waiter bring out a letter in my name and claimed he knew nothing of it. I opened up and there behold a love story of our life!! The beginning of it anyhow, the continuation was to be at "the next location." The "next location" ended up being at an art museum where we went on our first outing together as friends. There he carefully put another envelope in the next room and when I walked around the corner there it was above the most hideous oil painting. The next location after that he blind folded me while we drove to a park in which should have taken fifteen minutes ended up taking forty (he then needed my help to remember how to get there). This park was where he first took me on a picnic date and had provided a complete home cooked breakfast meal. The letter at that location had said "To be continued," something phrased a little differently than the rest. We then ended our date at a fondue restaurant with no letter! I was a little bumbed to say the least but it was a wonderful expensive dinner! I thought that the proposal would happen that evening but it didn't it ended up with an episode of Smallville.

Two weeks later on a Monday he cooked dinner for me, which wasn't out of the ordinary, and said that he had a hike planned for me to do my photography, which also wasn't out of the norm. We hiked in an area that looked over the whole view point of Salt Lake and watched the sun go down. At first we were in the wrong spot, which I didn't know till afterwards, we had to wait for a guy to move so I could get "the perfect sunset." He then watched me take photo's, which also isn't out of the norm. He then brought out the rest of the letter which was our love life caught up to the present telling me to be distracted while he does something. He then took off his hoodie, got on his knee's and proposed to me on the top of a big boulder with his white shirt and tie and a sparkly ring! All I had to say is "ahhh" "aaahhhhhhh" "ahhh," and something that sounded like an Y e s s.

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Tracie said...

Aw.... So cute. I'm so happy for you Brittnee! Congratulations to the both of you.

Austin said...

Congrats! We couldn't be happier for you both!