Oh the AnTiCipAtiOn

As I wait for the afternoon meeting today at work:

Oh the anticipation!

As of a week ago today, finding out that the IA's (instructional aides-I am one technically) jobs are at risk and possibly other specialty teachers:

Oh the anticipation, and worries!

As we found out that all schools across Utah need to cut their budget and that our own school plans to cut four IA's:

Oh the anticipation, worries, and sorrows!

I sit and wait for a week to find out if I'm the one to loose my job and freak and look for another...

Oh the anticipation, worry, sorrow, and stress!

There are no jobs around, ahhh what do I do. I pray! Friends and family pray in my behalf. I'm worried and stressed and overwhelmed. Not only do I worry for myself, but for others whose only support comes from themselves and for those who have more than one person to support:

Oh the sorrow and anticipation!

Thank goodness the news is out-
there are some who sacrifice their hours and pay so we all still have our jobs! Thank goodness I work for a place that is mostly religious and believes that everyone plays a part!

Oh the relief and satisfaction!

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Cami said...

Oh I'm so glad. We have been praying for you. I'm so silly, I should have checked your blog first, but I tried to call you this morning to see what was going on with your job. I'm so glad it is all working out okay.

Tracie said...

I'm happy that everything is okay and that you still have your job. The job market is crazy right now.

Sunflower said...


Matt told me you were able to keep your job!! I am so glad; that's a real blessing. Your blog is so cute. You've really added a lot!! We sure miss you and Matt. Hope we can get together soon.
Take care,

Horrocks Clan said...

I'm happy everything's ok... I know I'm behind the times ;) I didn't even know there was a problem. :S But... Like I said I'm SOOO glad everything is ok now!