My husband was telling me the other day that I have a lot of pet peeves, so I thought it would be interesting to some to know what they all are. Keep in mind that most people fit into my pet peeve list at one time or another but yet I still like them so don't take it personally, this is just for fun!

My pet peeves are (not in any particular order):

  1. When people say they will do something and don't (phone calls, girls night out).
  2. When others have a bad estimate with time (more than a half hour-like my hubby lol).
  3. When someone you are walking beside is carrying a big bag on the side that you are walking (they tend to bump you with it).
  4. People who cut you off on the road.
  5. People who slow down on the road just because they see an accident CLEAR off to the side of the road (or someone pulled over), which by the way isn't blocking the road.
  6. When people use the carpool lane without having another passenger!
  7. When people talk during movies (thus my post of "24 Means No Talking").
  8. Me being the initiator of most things (it would be nice if someone else took the initiative of calling, writing, planning, etc.).
  9. Friends that forget you when they have a baby.
  10. This one is kind of touchy but I get hurt feelings when friends forget my birthday. Don't worry if you did, I'm quite use to it-November is a hard month to remember. I mean we should all be better at remembering friends and families birthdays.
  11. When there are certain "cliques" in Church and work. I mean how are you suppose to meet new people when everyone always keeps to their own little group!
  12. Roommates (or hubby) being cluttered and pushing things to the side calling it clean.
  13. When people don't really listen to what you are saying.
  14. People who carry on the conversation themselves and don't allow any room for you to talk.
  15. Little dogs-especially the ones that bark constantly.
  16. When someone decorates or cooks with things that just don't go together.
  17. Workaholics.
  18. Parents who don't control their children when at a guest's house.
  19. People who chew loud or with their mouth open.
  20. Parties that only consist of board games all the time.
  21. Kids/Adults who only talk about or live for video games and T.V.-there is so much more to life!
  22. Having to go to work on a cold, snowy day.
  23. Having to work in general.
  24. Others who run red lights, when it is clearly the green light peoples turn!
So please tell me I'm not the only female who has a big list of pet peeves. Tell me that someone agrees with at least one of these pet peeves or have some of there own! Really I would like to know, please leave a comment.

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Fig said...

My favorite way to decorate is with things that don't go together. :-) Some of us are funky like that!

And I think you're supposed to slow down for accidents/pulled over people, because of the chance someone could step out into the road.

I'm so with you on 19. Gross.

Bad spelling and grammar are pet peeves of mine, but I deal with it. Not too big of a deal.

What drives me NUTS is that Dizzle doesn't throw things away. If he uses up all the cereal, milk, detergent, whatever ... he'll leave the empty container sitting on the counter. It's really the only neatness-related thing he does that bugs me, but it REALLY bugs me!

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Cami said...

I don't think you are alone, most people have a huge list of pet peeves, they are just too scared to say them out loud.

My number one pet peeve - when people use their teeth to scrape the food of of the fork or spoon. Or when people chomp on their gum. Seriously, I'm glad they enjoy it but I don't want to have to hear it. I hate it when people tell you all their stories about being pregnant. And most of all I hate it when people tell me to have children - like it is all their business and I will do it just because they said so.
I really could go on, but I'll stop there!
Oh, PS - Are we still on for Saturday, what time?

Heather said...

oh Brittnee! I could go on and on as well about my pet peeves! so your not alone! You know what really drives me crazy when jason puts his dirty clothes on top of the hamper instead of in it...seriosuly is it to much to ask to open the thing up and put your clothes in it??? your blog!

Brittnee Ann said...

Just to clarify with the supposed to slowing down thing, yes I think you are right. That is not quite my pet peeve. I meant when someone gets pulled over off to the side for whatever, or when the accident is like on the other side of the free way. Things that are obvious to me that you don't need to slow down. But who knows maybe your still suppose to. Utah, I feel, is bad at that.

Also don't get me wrong with things that are suppose to go. Randomness is also things that go, if of course that is what you are sticking with.Randomness that has style. One of my rooms is that way!

My hubby also leaves empty things around, yah, I fixed that one :)

Brittnee Ann said...

I'm so with you on the gum thing! That's something I forgot, only I am one of them that do that. So ironically as much as I hate it, it would be hypocritical of me to say it.

Isn't funny how we all have pet peeves especially of our husbands. I don't think we would be normal if we didn't.

Fig said...

Don't worry, I always subscribe to followup comments so I know if you've responded.

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like my decor style. :-) And that's okay.

Tracie said...

I have plenty of pet peeves. I'm too tired to list them now, but I will do a post on this in the future. ;)

Aunt Karen said...

I have a hard time with 19 too girls. My mom and sister say good luck with having kids as most kids do that.

So I thought that you are supposed to slow down when a policeman has pulled someone over and not zoom past them because it is dangerous to the policeman. I do slow down - am I in the wrong?

One of my biggest pet peeves is people that make annoying little noises like tapping pens.

I hate when people talk for now reason, I only talk if I have a purpose. I don't talk to hear myself.

It really bothers me too when parents do not control their children, but we shall see when we become parents. ha!

Love the post!