Matt's Documentary!

If you get a chance check out Matt's documentary he edited, translated, filmed some, and put together the website

He has worked on it for the last five years and it is finally completed. Thank goodness!

It as about the Mayan people in Guatemala and how they keep their traditions in modern time.

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Cami said...

You're so funny. I'm so addicted to blogs! We wish you guys could have come, but it was last minute. We'd love to do it again sometime cause we really had fun. We are thinking of doing cafes in Utah county. We already have two so maybe in a couple of weeks, when things settle down since we are super busy, then we could go out again. I stopped at that cake place I've been dying to try in Sandy and it was really expensive. We didn't go in because it was closed, but if you still want to go, we can sometime.

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