OK, Brittnee talked me into writing in the blog, since she thinks I don't participate enough. I suppose I haven't written in this format for awhile, since I have been writing other things and working on other projects that take up my time, but I am grateful that Brittnee has given me this opportunity. So, the main reason why I am writing this blog is to prove to her and her readers that I can plan successful dates and have them end up like I plan them.
So yes, finally we had a successfully planned date. Last Wednesday I purchased tickets to a local American Fork production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow at the AF Amphitheatre, right across the street from the temple. We showed up on Thursday for the 8pm show greeted by staff dressed in period clothing and took our seats in this bowl shaped amphitheater that looked as if it was built back when the story was written by Washington Irvine. It was a windy and cold evening, perfect to set the mood for a horrific tale of a headless horseman. The play was fantastic! They mixed all kinds of theatrical mediums including music, singing, the narrated story, a live sound effects guy making the SFX on the spot, and actors acting out the parts in time to the narrator, and the best of all a very believable headless horseman who toted his flaming pumpkin head on a sword and rode a real horse. The actor who played Incabod Crane did a hilarious job of overexaggerating the character and making the performance a joy to watch. The kiddies in attendance especially enjoyed watching him and all his stage antics.
The entire production only took an hour of our time and indeed a well spent hour it was. My favorite aspect of the play besides the headless horseman and Icabod Crane's hyper-active femmy like potrayal of the character, was the SFX guy. He added a spooky element to the production like sounds of wind that he recreated with one of those tubes that you swing around or the infamous coconuts banged together to create a horse trotting along.
All in all it was a goofy, exciting, and slightly spooky time, fun for families and just perfect for our date night. If you would like to catch this play it is going on through Monday, so tomorrow is the last day! Catch it while you can! Just google sleepy hollow in AF and purchase your tickets. They cost $10 per adult and cheaper for kids, but make an FHE activity out of it, bundle up, grab a cup of hot cocoa from the concession stand, and enjoy the show! If you miss it this year, they will be having Alice in Wonderland next year sometime and who can pass that up?
The best part of it the whole night was knowing that Brittnee actually enjoyed herself.
In her own words she says, (I thought it was so fun and exactly what I needed, since I love Halloween and plays. Yes, it was a successful date night! Way to go Matt!)

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Heidi Ferguson said...

Yay! What a fun date that must have been. I am so jealous, Aaron and I are really missing the real falls that occur in Utah and not in Arizona. And I love Halloween, so that definitely would have been a great activity! Let's all get together sometime during Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Fig said...

Brittnee, you're already waaaaay ahead of me in the marriage game: Dizzle would drink his own bathwater before he'd write something on our blog (and I've begged him SO many times).

Also, your date sounds like a blast. I love the Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Perfect October date.

Tracie said...

That play sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a successful date night. Let's get together soon and go to a haunted house or something. :)

Austin said...

that's sounds really cool. i'd love to see the pumpkin o' fire on the sword, as well as the fun sound effects.

Heather said...

Brittnee-i tag you! check out my blog, and by the way isn't married life the best!

Lechelle said...

Good job Matt!

Andy Guo said...

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