Presenting: Brittnee's Artwork
starting from the year 2007 (not including photography).

It all started with collaging...2007 as a fun date with Matt

Then comes my first attempt of painting on paper in the year 2008
as you can see not bad, but not that great either. However I never took any lessons, I just did it. Don't think I'll ever do anything with it. Not that great to hang up.

Now comes my second attempt on paper...
Matt made them into place mats for our kitchen table.
Then I decided to actually paint on a canvas (two actually) to match my other pears.

For being my third attempt at painting I was pretty proud of myself and wanted it to be presented as kitchen decor and to celebrate we had friends over for a fancy dinner while my husband showed it off...

In all honesty I'm kind of shy about my attempt at painting and right now I don't think I'm that good yet.

I want to thank my friend for giving me the suggestion of posting my creativity and always knowing I was creative.

I also want to thank Matt for believing in me and supporting me in all I do.

If it wasn't for him and his parents I wouldn't have ever tried to paint (which was something I always wanted to do and just never did). Thank you, thank you Matt I love you!

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Lechelle said...

I love it Brittnee, you have a real talent with that! I hope you show off more.

Fig said...

They are awesome. My favorites are the black-and-white collage, and the pears! I love the pears!

Tracie said...

I didn't know you painted those placemats. I love them. You really do have creative talent. :)

Cami said...

Wow, didn't know you had a blog. How did you find mine? Weird, you think it would have come up in a converstation at some point. Anyway, you are so talented. I love the painting you did, but I didn't know you did the placemats too. Wow! You are amazing.

Austin said...

brit, i knew you were good, but i didn't know you were THAT good :)

those are awesome!

Brittnee Ann said...

Ahh you guys are so kind! I never thought I would get any compliments or thought I was good.