One of my favorite HoLiDaYs...

So Matt and I love the month of Halloween. Not because we are childish and want the candy but because it has so much history behind it, it's intriguing, and exciting. Seriously how cool is it that once a year a mature adult can dress up in any crazy, sexy, silly, or scary costume they want. We really need more adults dressing up and celebrating this fun holiday.

Two years ago Matt and I threw an old fashioned party that included Karaoke, Halloween Movie Trivia game, Halloween Charades, eating apples on a line contest, pumpkin painting, cookie decorating, dancing with a full-on DJ, Name That Tune, and to top it off a fashion show with a cat walk. Honestly it was one of the best parties I have ever been to and sadly it was my own. We also went to a Murder Mystery dinner and I played the depressed and jealous witch, Matt was a broadway version of Frankenstein, it was fun but quite confusing at times. Last Halloween we hosted a couples party where each couple brought a short scary story in hopes to win the contest for the most interesting story voted by the others. We also watched one of my favorite horror movies "The Orphanage."

This year well I'm not exactly sure what we are doing. Some of the things that we have planned for this month are: reading Alfred Hitchcock's Best Mysteries - one a night, attending a professional murder mystery dinner, going to see the "Little Shop of Horrors" play, and making sure all our movie watching this month is in the horror/thriller genre. We wanted to throw a Halloween party but we just don't feel like there is enough people to enjoy Halloween in the same way that we do.

Anybody want to pick up the torch of planning the next Halloween party? What Halloween ideas do you have??

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Fig said...

I love Halloween too. Your parties sound like they're off the chain! Good for you, so ambitious. :-)

BrItTnEeaNN said...

The funny thing is I have no ambition lately I blame it on working for the first time full-time. Blah.

BrItTnEeaNN said...
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