Zion National Park, UT

So I have lived in Utah my whole life and never have been to Zion, how sad is that! My first time to Zion might not have been the exact weather (sprinkling and rainy) I wanted but non of the less it was adventurous, fun, and exactly what I needed. We hiked the easier trails this time around and hope to hike the strenuous ones next time. The trails we hiked were the Riverside Walk, Weeping Rock, Canyon Overlook, and Emerald Pool. Canyon Overlook was the only one considered to be Moderate and lasted the longest of roughly 2 miles round trip. So for most that might be super easy but for it being my first time out and about for the summer it was just right.

I didn't like this one very much because I have seen plenty of rivers. However this trail has lots of squirrels on it and I have never seen so many in my life. One came right up to me because I was eating peanuts. It took me a moment to realize he could come bite me to get it so I had to put my peanuts away :(

Weeping Rock:
This trail to the waterfall was pretty awesome. Though I hear that it is actually a fuller waterfall in the summer, but since it was early in the year it was just water dripping. We watched in awe as we sat under a humongous ledge and had our lunch, for most of our lunch we were able to capture the beauty around us with no one around.

Canyon Overlook:
This hike was the one that was more strenuous and by far my favorite. It was more out back like where the walk way wasn't paved for you. You had to drive through a tunnel (built in 1931 and super rad looking) to get to this one on your own instead of using the bus system. This is when the rain really started coming down but more in a sprinkle.

By the time we hiked Emerald Pool the rain was really coming down and making everything wet. Everyone that was still hiking had on ponchos. Since we weren't fully prepared I didn't take much photos worth posting, I got too cold. I hear that normally it is suppose to be a beautiful site, but I'll have to give that one another chance lol. So like I was saying, next time I will be ready for longer hikes and hopefully the waterfalls will be in their fullest. Although it rained and I still enjoyed the hikes, I hope next time the weather is nice.

More of my spring break later to come! For those of you who don't know I am not going to school, I just work at a school that gives you spring break off...

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Marcus said...

I'm not sure where we're going this summer, but we are at least planning to head down to Moab to check out Arches and stuff. We were going to head down with Dave, but not really sure how likely that is now.

You should look at grabbing some neutral density filters so when you shoot the rivers and waterfalls you can get that cool misty effect.

I've been looking at some hikes down around the Mt Nebo and Spanish Fork Canyon area. I think a lot of them are supposed to be pretty mellow, but I am interested in doing some tougher hikes this summer. Ideally, I'd like to summit Mt Timpanogos... That's like 7-8 miles one way. Here are photos I took going up the Mt Timpanogos Wilderness Trail last time I went up.


Lechelle said...

Looks like fun and you got some beautiful pictures!

I've never been to Zion

Tracie said...

I'm glad you got to go to Zion's. It's such a beautiful place. I hope I can go again someday. I'd love to hike the various trails.

Cami said...

Hey, guess what? North Carolina is fantastic and you would love it here! Please move. I need friends. Miss you guys. Call you later, facebook is still not working on my computer.

Heather said...

I have lived in Utah for 20+ years and have never been to Zion either.