Maine Honey Moon


So Maine isn't the typical honeymoon you would expect, that was my first initial reaction. It is a great place to vacation I knew that from the start. But I guess it is on the top 25 list of honeymoon destinations. I couldn't help but think, how can Maine be such a romantic place to share a honeymoon at?

This all came to me as a surprise that Matt so dilligently kept. I knew it would be between Maine or Quebec because Matt listens well and can remember past conversations we had. Those were the two places I had mentioned in our past dating experience. He skillfully lied and made me believe we would be having our honeymoon in Costa Rica with the romance of the
beach and sounds of the waves. I was honestly bummed when I found out the day we were leaving that we were heading to Maine. Little did I know what I was in store for..

Everything started of on the right foot when we arrived at our bed and breakfast, English Meadows Inn. We arrived late that night but was greeted with a friendly face with the
innkeeper himself. He had so generously waited until we arrived, we didn't reach the inn until 11:00 pm. We originally left at 10:00m am, keep in mind of the two hour time difference. Anyhow back to the B&B. It was just of the coast of Kennebunk Port Beach which is two minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean. The bed and breakfast was exactly what we needed to set the tone for ROMANCE that I desired. We woke up each morning to personable service including any kind of tea we desired (this is where I learned there were other flavors beside green tea and herbal tea-which I despise. My favorite is Pomegranate) and a scrumptious three course English breakfast. All served and cooked by the innkeepers Bruce and his wife Valerie, very friendly people if I might add. They were full of good advice on where to go and what to eat. We mostly used Kennebunk Port as our home base as we ventured to close by areas. No further than 2 hours away.

The first day we were there we decided to take a stroll around the local area and shops. We mostly ended up by the shore and found ourself eating lobster at a local commercial clam shack (recommended by our innkeeper Bruce). That's right..most lobsters in Maine are commercially imported to the states. I was lucky to try them fresh. At least I should feel lucky...I found out I actually like crab better! There is to many groose things that ooze out when you open the center of the lobster. Plus crab just tastes better anyways. The best part is the tail..who know there were more to eating the lobster than the tail? I sure didn't!
This was taken by Matt right by the Clam Shack

The next day we drove an 1 1/2 to a coastal town called Boothbay Harbor where we bought tickets for whale watching. We boarded a huge boat and we waited at the point of the boat like the scene in Titanic. Lol. We saw four different types of whales, some the length of 60 ft or longer. This whale is a Fin Back Whale, which is larger than a Hump Back Whale. This is one of the best photos we got, sadly no whales jumped out of the water.


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Fig said...

Crab's definitely better than lobster - but lobster on the East Coast is better than you'll get anywhere else.

Looks like SO much fun!

Heather said...

looks like you guys had a great time! and isn't marriage the best, no more having to go home at the end of the night and just being able to do whatever you want with each other (wink, wink) well i'm glad you guys had a great time and can't wait to see more pics!

Austin said...

sounds awesome, keep it coming!

Tracie said...

I'm glad you had fun; can't wait to see more pics.

Horrocks Clan said...

I'm soooo jealous... Got your text! The 10th should be great! CALL ME :)