Birthday Adventure

So for my birthday Matt was full of creative activities. The first creative thing he did blew my mind. He actually did it four days in advance. He prepared a five star meal that really looked like a professional chef prepared the meal. He even made it presentable topped of with candle light and music. I would have to say that was the best cooking anyone has ever done for me. I took pictures of it I was so impressed, I usually have something to say about his cooking so that means something when I take a photo of it.

At the table he a had a single rose with a treasure map attached to it. Of coarse the end of the treasure map led to a treasure chest as so it showed. It had two days worth of adventure on it. First day was on a Saturday so we could have the whole day of fun together. We went to different craft fairs, and an art show. Then we went to this amazing new place to eat in Provo I think it is called SPARKS or something but anyways I would compare it to the Chef's Table (five star food) only better and more affordable! To me it's a lounge where Mormon's can go and have non-alcoholic drinks, in fact they only serve non-alcoholic drinks. Then we went to a play presented by BYU, called Houseboat Honeymoon. He knows I love plays :) It made us laugh because it reminded us about our life and how it feels to be with the in-laws. It's funny when you find out that other couples do the same things and your not the only one. I really didn't like the play too much to be honest, but I was okay with it because of the fact it reminded us that there are actually people who are worse off with family members and them being crazy.

The treasure map also led to the actual night of my birthday which was exactly a week from today on a Tuesday. We went to this place called the Indian Garden or is it the Indian Palace-it's on Center Street?? Anyways I had been wanting to go there because a year ago I discovered that I love Indian food and had never tried the place. Afterwards we went to Color Me Mine, which is a ceramic place, and we painted hot cocoa mugs. Which is also a place I like to go and be creative :) In the end he gave me a key to which unlocks the treasure chest (figuratively). We actually have a big antique chest in our front room, he was hiding my gifts there for a while and I never new it.
So I don't mean to brag or rub it in but I do have a wonderful husband who makes me feel special on my birthday and everyday.

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Fig said...

That's seriously awesome. Happy late birthday, and congrats on scoring a freaking rad husband.

Tracie said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm so lame for forgetting. :( I hope we're still on for this weekend.

Matt is so sweet to plan all of that for you. :) I'm glad you had a great birthday.

chasidi said...

I'm so glad that you found me! I was just talking to your mom the other day. She was telling me you got married and that your so happy.congrats! thats awsome. I'm happy for you.

Matt Schramer said...

Wow! Good juicy gossip about me with your lady friends, but was that really me that did all those nice things for you. Nah, it couldn't have been. I'm not that awesome ; ). Remember when I told you that you were worth the wait, well now you are worth pampering and loving everyday of the week. I love you chexy!