Something A Bit Rebellious

So Matt and I did something a little out of the ordinary the other day...

We went on a progressive dinner that consisted of three fast food places (keeping in mind each one we went through the drive through). First we went to Burger King for a starter, then to Kentucky Fried Chicken for the main coarse, then to McDonalds. Only we didn't eat there because we both despise the place and normally wouldn't consider going there but for some unknown reason I thought they would have good dessert. But they didn't, not what I was wanting anyway. Anyhow this is what happened.

We ate our KFC food at McDonalds (just to rub it in their face their food sucks)
Threw our food away in the trash can so it was purposely poking out.
Went back through Burger King for the second time for dessert

So there you have it that's all you have to do to feel a little rebellious and still get a kick out of it. Here are some other things if you could do if you dare to be a bit deviant! Or you could simply try our eating thing!

Skip church one Sunday but still get dressed and instead go to the temple (it's better if it's the one you got married in) and read scriptures.. your still being good right

If your husbands hate something (like mine hates mushrooms) put them in the recipe but making it hardly noticeable (mine noticed but didn't mind actually).

Play catch in a grocery store, with one of their toys of course.

Does anyone have any other ideas or have done something like this?

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Austin said...

Once for a date Tracie and I went to probably 6 or 7 different fast food restaurants and got something different at each. We had a lot of fun, even though it was one of the lamer things we've done.

Fig said...

Britt, we watched "El Orfanato" and loved it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Tracie said...

Okay, so Austin stole my comment. Hope you guys had fun.