Calling all fRieNdS!!!

Dear Friend,

I'm am feeling very needy lately and need some attention. I think my new job might have something to do with it. Basically my job is to help those in need (fifty families, can you not tell me that's a lot!) who struggle financially with the lack of resources and to connect them to what they may need. I listen to them and care about them and get pulled in many directions for what is demanded of me.

I need to hear your love and concern, can you either leave comments or write me a letter please. I value friendships I hold, it keeps me sane :) Feel free to leave a comment, joke, or do whatever friends do best.

Much love,

Brittnee S.

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Marcus said...

Hi Brit,

We've been friends for a long time now. I think one of my favorite things about you is how open and welcoming you are. For instance, when you used to live next door, you never hesitated to befriend me, despite the friends I kept, or the fact that I smoked.

I think you have a genuine interest in others and a truly selfless personality.

I know we haven't hung out a lot, but I'm glad we're friends. Hope all is well.

Cami said...

Awe- I miss you! I know your job is crazy and stressful but just remember to count your blessings. I wish I lived closer so I could come hang out all the time. Miss you tons and hope you are doing okay.

Fig said...

That job sounds insanely tough. But I think you are just the right person to do it, you have always been kind-hearted.

I would give you a treat if we lived closer. You'll just have to pretend. :-)

BrItTnEeaNN said...

Marcus, Cami, and Fig, you guys are so sweet!

I forgot to mention that I have a deadline to get everyone done by the end of this month and I have only gotten 11 out of 60. It's tuff, but I'm learning to take it step by step. I have great co workers so it helps.

But I truly appreciate yourcomments , thanks!

Schramer Films said...

My dearest wife,

How grateful I am for all the hard work you do and how you tackle so much at once. It's remarkable! You are truly an amazing person! That's why I married you, not to mention the bonus of getting a beautiful wife. I am here for you always - during the storms and then when the rainbows come out. Yeah I know it's cheesy, but it's true. I love you! Hang in there and let me carry your burdens more.

Lechelle said...


I miss living near you! If I were there right now I would take you to chilis and eat a chocolate lava cake with you.

Love you!