The next adventure we went on was to the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse, this lighthouse I found out is known to be in a famous painting.
This next lighthouse was on private property so we weren't allowed to access it. Seriously, who lives near a lighthouse and tells people it's private property. All lighthouses should be available to the public!

The next day we decided to be a bit jovial and go to a mini theme park at the beach. Old Orchard beach in Maine to be exact. Matt looks tall enough to go on the ride don't you think?

We mostly just basked in the sun because the Atlantic water is cold! Too cold to wade in!

One whole day was spent in BOSTON on the FREEDOM TRAIL. Which was totally Brittnee friendly because the sidewalk had a red painted path that leads to all the historical sites. That made me happy because I wasn't about to get lost going on the trail, it sure saved us allot of stress. The path was about two miles long weaving in and out around downtown and towards the coast.

Our first stop was at Paul Revere's grave. Well this wasn't his actual grave this was his monument. The actual grave was like the ones you see in scary movies, plain and basic. It rests just next to the monument

This is "old iron sides" aka The U.S. Constitution- the ship that was fought in the revolutionary war. It got it's nickname because of the way the ship was built. It had three types of wood use to help protect itself from the bombs. It was never harmed and still floats today!

We just had to stop and take a picture here. This wasn't actually a part of the freedom trail, it was just before it. However I thought it was neat to actually be in a place where a real live TV show was filmed. I didn't actually ever watch the show but still it was neat to see it.

One of the beautiful photo's I took of downtown Boston. I thought I would give you the privilege of looking at it, since you all know I am a professional photographer lol ;)

This was Paul Revere's house, we actually got to see the inside of it.

We climbed 209 steps to get to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument. So that meant we had to climb the whole 209 steps back. I was out of shape and forever felt that one. It was neat and a little claustrophobic. The stairs went in a spiral all the way up.

That completes our honeymoon. I hope I made you all want to go sometime...if you do make sure to go in the fall. I hear they have beautiful fall colors.

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Tracie said...

I would love to go back East someday. I'm so glad you and Matt had so much fun on your honeymoon. :)

Austin said...

is that really where they filmed cheers? that's so cool, i want to go back east too. who's that cute girl who said that? maybe i should take her there someday ;)

this cheesy message brought to you by austin.