Happy ThiNgS

So I thought that since my last two posts haven't been quite on the positive side, I'd let you all in on the things I love and what makes me happy.

  1. Photography-Please check it out, here is my best of 2008.
  2. Respect from others, we all deserve it.
  3. Dessert, a weakness of mine as of late.
  4. Having girls night , YAY, it's so fun.
  5. Creative date nights with my hubby.
  6. Reading Harry Potter, or mysteries.
  7. Spending time with my family!
  8. Watching a good movie, my fav. movies of 2008 are: Dark Knight, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Incredible Hulk, Kong Fu Panda, The Visitor, Ghost Town, The Strangers, Traitor, and Australia (notice TWILIGHT IS NOT on the list).
  9. Being artsy and creative, it's a form of therapy for me!
  10. Going on Picnics
  11. Walks
  12. The great outdoors!
  13. Friends
  14. Dancing, and/or Zumba

So there you see, I may have pet peeves, however I also have things that make me happy go lucky!

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Fig said...

Yay for happy things, we all need those.

Heidi Ferguson said...

You're gonna be a great stay at home mom, Brit, with all your craftiness. I have been going a little sewing crazy lately and making the cutest things! I need to make a happy things list too, a good way to perk myself up when I'm down in the dumps.

Cami said...

I love crafts! They make me happy! I'm so glad you have lots of things to make you happy.