I just have to say that 24 is by far my favorite TV show (that and House), it has been for like three or four years. This season is especially one of the best along with season 1. It's getting really tense, which actually makes my heart beat faster when I watch the stressful scenes! This season I am actually watching it live with some friends, as opposed to watching it when it comes out on DVD.

This week was a two hour extremely tense episode. I won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it or try to describe it all to those who never watched it, but basically the President in the show is held captive in the White House by terrorists. Anyways when I get into my movies I do NOT LIKE TALKING. Mind you I don't like to be rude but I can't take it anymore! One of the people that come over to watch 24 is a couple with a toddler that is like 18 months. He is really cute, and sometimes he doesn't distract me (I do get distracted easily); however this time he was really fussy for the two hour episode! We paused it five times (watching it live from a lab top) just so we could wait for him to stop whining. Not only that the father likes to talk alot about his theories of the show, or what he knows about this or that, and that get's really old. Save it for the breaks for crying out loud!

Okay so I totally like these people, but I prefer to to watch it on my own! I mean what would you do if you really like being with your friends for once a week and get out of the house. However it's not your house to tell people not to talk? I already have asked twice so kindly before and that hasn't worked. But the baby whining the whole time...well that was my last straw, 24 is just not for talking or for whining babies!

Just had to get that out!!!!

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Heather said...

your funny....i am as well totally addicted to 24! I usually have to DVR it b/c the kids never let me...hence they are always talking and being loud while watching! ha ha

Cami said...

You are too funny! SOmetimes, you just need to vent. They don't read your blog do they?