My Brother Joins the Army Reserve

One evening I received a phone call from my mother with some surprising news about my brother. For a long time my brother has been thinking about joining the army and just recently he decided to join the army reserve. He has always loved the adrenaline rush of a good adventure and of course is skilled at shooting guns. So I guess I should have expected this. His training will last for 14 weeks (maybe two more after that depending on what he decides). And who knows, he could eventually officially join if he finds that it fits.

At first, I didn't know what to think. How was I supposed to react, I was worried for his life and family. What a scary time to go to war after such a change our country has faced with a new president. What if war comes to our own country or tends to get worse in Iraq and Afghanistan? Anyway, he had been planning on joining and first talked to my father about it and of course his wife. I was the last to know-go figure. He didn't call me about it until two days later. I was supposed to act like I didn't know about it but that didn't work-I just complained that it was about time he called. So by then he knew my mom had spilled the beans, which isn't a surprise. By the time he called I had given it good thought and realized I should be proud of him for making something of himself other than being a good daddy and husband. Currently he is managing a gas station and is an excellent and dependable at what he does. But this is something bigger and better that will requires a greater sacrifice and more hard work.

I'll be honest I was scared to hear that he wanted to jump out of planes to blow up things (I have been told scary things that could happen to those who jump-like landing in the trees and getting a branch stuck through your body). All in all I am pleased to see he has taken such a big leap and I'm so glad that everyone in our family seems to be supportive of him doing so.

He leaves in two weeks (19th) to go to boot camp somewhere in Missouri and Georgia. He feels that this is the least he could do to support his country and to help his family prosper. I know he is worried about leaving his family. He would love to see the girls grow but he knows that they are in good hands with their mother and my parents nearby. He wont stop begging my parents to check in on them to make sure they are doing okay.

Please pray for him and his family and for all the others that serve our country that they may come home in one piece (never thought I would be saying that phrase). Thanx.

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Fig said...

Wow - good for him! That is pretty scary, but it's awesome that he is willing to make that sacrifice. I'll be praying.

Cami said...

That is very exciting and something to be proud of. I have two cousins currently serving and it is super scary but I'm so proud of them and what they are doing to protect our freedoms. We will continue to pray for your brother and his family.

Lechelle said...

That is excited news but I would be worried for him too.
Love you Brit!