HOLI- Festival of Colors

For those of you who aren't aware or have never been to the Hare Krishna Temple here in Utah, you should definetley go at least once! It's a neat experience, and a fascination I have had for the last three-four years. To be somewhere and learn of a different culture is like feeling you are out of Utah for the night. Festival of Colors just happens to be one of the events my husband and I attended last Saturday.

We weren't able to make it to the good stuff (costumed dancers, burning of the god, throwing of colors), however we made it to the concert where there was some more throwing of colors and other crazy things students tend to do. I wouldn't recommend going later unless you are a student, or enjoy concerts where it is mostly students. I would recommend going early to see the things I mentioned, or to other festivals, like the Llama Festival, Festival of Lights, or India Festival.

By the way I love Indian food as long as it's not spicy, chicken korma is my favorite. For more information about the Hare Krishna Events please visit their site here.

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Marcus said...

That's interesting about Color Fest. I didn't know that.

I went to Llama Fest and India Fest last night. I enjoyed India Fest more but Llama Fest was fun, too.

Fig said...

Looks fun! Does the colored powder wash out of your clothes?

Brittnee Ann said...


I have a friend who is guru about India and their traditions. No joke, he cooks it and listens to India music on a daily basis. He also only dates Indian women. So I learn a lot from him. He told me about it.


Yes thank goodness it does wash off. You have to shake it off first and only wash that load separately...so I'm told.

The Llama fest is more fun. You race Llamas around an obstacle course.