Most Romantic Valentines??? You be the Judge!

So I finally have had the most romantic Valentines and I'm not sure if I ever will again so I definitely have to post about it without being too detailed ;)

Matt and I both contributed to this years Valentines and each did something creative for each other. We did not have the money we wanted this year so we had to be a bit creative in what we did.Matt had most of the day while I had the evening.

Matt started his creativity off with a memory game he had for me on our bathroom mirror using the traditional children's Valentines cards. On each one of the valentines cards he had addressed the "To:" and "From:" with 32 different terms of endearment. Upon completion I would earn a prize (I got a really cute pair of Valentines P.J.s). Then he had a love poem for me to put together and a word search he made up for me that said "Happy Valentines Day" hidden inside hundreds of X's and O's.Matt's idea for the rest of the day was to base it on an European theme. After we had breakfast he told me that we were going to find outfits of mine that would go along with the fashion in Paris, Rome, Tuscany, Venice, and London. I had no idea what their fashion was, but he had done some research and told me what to wear. He told me we were going to go to these places and he wanted me to look like I belonged and not just some tourist. So after we got together our outfits we had pizza for lunch (pizza originated in Italy), then we were ready to go. Our first stop was London, the sunset was so beautiful as it drifted below Big Ben. Next we went to Rome where the Colosseum is, it was so nice to catch such a historical sight where there was no one else around! Afterwards we ventured out to Tuscany, to a house on a vineyard where I had the idea to "roll around in the hay stacks" he he. Of course we couldn't leave Italy without going to Venice, everyone just has to experience the Gondola rides. And to end our wonderful adventure in Europe we visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris and a magnificent castle in France.
Of course we really didn't visit these places but it was fun to (Adobe Photoshop) imagine so! Ironically we did eat at a fine dinning Italian reasturant called "Tuscany Resturant." Upon arriving home I thought his creativity for me was over and that it was my turn but I was wrong. He had put together a Valentines Basket for me with all sorts of hearts that had all the different languages on them saying "I Love You," two pairs of earings, vintage chapstick and lotion, and some other "playful things."For my part I had put together a memory lane that I had to guide him through blind folded. I first made him watch a season of 24 he missed because he was gone so that I could get the house ready. Then he was supposed to open the scroll I had for him telling him what we were doing and to put on the blindfold. In the scroll it had my first memory of our first Valentines together. The note had said that even though the last Valentines we had together wasn't what he had hoped for (he didn't get a kiss), that this night would be better than before!
The first stop I carefully led him to, so he would have no idea where he was going was to the kitchen. The kitchen was set up with sparkling cider, treats, and candles to set the mood. This is where I shared my second favorite memory of ours with him. When he sat down blind folded he was given the clue to figure out what it was. It took him a while and I had to give him a few hints. But he found that for my birthday two years ago I had kept the note that came with 12 roses he had sent me at work. I told him that I cherished this memory because no one has every sent me roses at work before. He then removed the blind fold so he could have a drink with me and see that I was in a robe bare foot. We had a good time chatting and eating the yummy treats.
Next stop I took him to with the blind fold back on was to the couch in the front room (of course I made the walk longer than needed so he didn't know where it was). I took the blind fold off and told him to look down at the couch. The couch was decorated with rose petals and a black hat and high heals. There on the couch was also my third memory. It was of tickets when he took me to a "Regina Spektor" (my favorite pop artist) concert two summers ago and a ticket to a play called "Charlies Aunt" (one of my favorite plays) also two summers ago. I had told him that this was the best entertainment that I have ever had with any guy and that I wanted to return the favor by providing my own entertainment for him. By the tickets was also a love CD mix he had made for us a little while ago and it had a note on it that said to turn the CD to track 10 and don't look back until I say so. I put on the black hat and high heals and danced to the song "I'm Too Sexy" (which was my favorite song in grade school-ha ha). And then I told him that I had something special waiting for him but before he could get he had to pick up the rose petals. The rose petals went from the couch to the upstairs bedroom. I had made a trail of them while he was watching 24 and he never saw them because he was blind folded. After he picked up all the flowers he noticed that the bedroom door was shut and that it had a note on it. The note said to come in for a massage and to throw the rose petals up in the air when he had enough. The room was lit by candlelight with a soothing sort of massage music playing in the background. Of course after that is where I'm not going to be any more detailed...

So we were trying to see who was the most creative/romantic to make it more fun for us instead of making it a forced holiday that every couple shares. So I want you to be the judge, please be honest who do you think wins?

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Fig said...

You guys are both insanely creative. Holy cow! We've never had such an eventful V-day before.

I have to say Matt wins, but only because he totally surpassed any expectations I've ever had for a man - the guys I know are NOT that romantic and creative!

Your little dance though ... that's a pretty cool idea! :-)

Tracie said...

Wow...what a great Valentine's day. :) Being creative and romantic on a budget are the best. I say you both win because you both received wonderful prizes from the other. I liked the photos. That was a cute idea.

Sunflower said...

Brittnee and Matthew,
You are both so really inspire us to do more romantic things together. It makes me so happy to see how much you love each other!!!