"P.S. I Love You" 30th Birthday Surprise

My wonderful husband organized a surprise 30th Birthday with some of my girlfriends and themed it after the movie "P.S. I Love You." I would have to say, I was quite surprised and grateful for a wonderful time that he allowed me to have as a girls night out! 

My Saturday afternoon started with my two good friends picking me up. This was not a surprise as we had prearranged to spend our birthday's together this year, since they were close together. However, I was only planning on going to dinner or something with the intention of being dressed up, something I had always wanted to do. Friends showed up and drove me to Salt Lake to surprise location number one where I received this letter from my husband: 


Now that your fingers and toes look cute and stunning, you're ready for your next adventure. After all a dining diva must always look her best.

Go have a wonderful dining experience with S and R. Dinner without demanding Aunika & preoccupied Matt.

P.S. I Love You!

Friend S gave me letter #2 at Zuppas


Now that you've had a satisfying dinner coupled equally satisfying socializing with friends, it's time for the next step in your evening.

No ladies night out would be complete without a delicious.......dessert.

Follow S and R to the Melting Pot (our special place, we ate their for our one year dating anniversary and start of our engagement). You've deserved it! And hopefully it brings back memories of a special evening long ago.

Go have fun!

P.S. I Love You.

When we arrived at the melting pot the rest of my friends surprised me waiting at the table. I was really shocked and I'm not sure my face showed how happy I was. They latter explained that I didn't look so happy lol. I guess my shocked face is an unhappy one but I was thrilled! Friend L at the table gave me letter #3


P.S. I Love You Brittnee, and I know you love me. In fact to prove to you I love you and am still listening to what you like and; want, ask L for something she has for you-from me to you (he bought me a bracelet I had my eye on that my friend L designs).

Every once in a while I can still be thoughtful. I'm always thinking of you..always wrapping my arms around you.

Now for the next step, after you show of your gift to the ladies, is to let S and R bring you home to me.


After S and R dropped me off at home I walked into another surprise where my friends were there to greet me with letter #4


 After all this talk of I love you, something seems missing. You only turn 30 once, so I hope it's everything you hoped for. Just don't hold me to topping this one :) But I want you staying up late tonight since you'll be so old tomorrow (ha, ha).

So I've prepared a little ladies movie night for you and your friends. Yes I'll leave you to it. And of course the movie is...

P.S. I Love You!

Lights. Camera. Action. (And maybe tissues if you need them.)

The front room and kitchen was decked out with cinemark movie themed decorations and concessions put together by one of my friends who does parties http://housewife2hostess.com/. It was remarkable for a low budget.

Another friend then had another letter for me to end the day with letter number 5


Surprise! Happy 30th Birthday! I'm hoping you never expected this or saw it coming.

Remember that there was a time where I bought cupcakes on mother's day for you and I bought some for me and everyone else. 

Well now there's only 1 cupcake and it's only for you!


P.S. I Love You

Oh one more thing is waiting for you. Now come give me a kiss like you mean it and you'll get it.


Last letter today to be continued tomorrow...

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