My Little Pony 3 year old Party

Aunika chose the theme of her 3 year old party this year to be My Little Pony, she new exactly all the friends she wanted to invite. She named off 6 friends and named every single one of them. Can you believe it?
She's very social even at a young age! Unfortunately a few of them weren't able to make it but in a way I was grateful because it meant less chaos for me lol.

Here is the buffet bar
All the treats are in the sky with a pony on clouds

My Little Pony in the sky Birthday cupcakes

Rainbow fruit platter

Marshmallows as clouds & Twizzlers as rainbow

The party area: Rainbow crate paper with white balloons as clouds. Center of the table had pillow stuffing as clouds and My Little Ponies prancing in a circle holding the Birthday Crown

Aunika's ready for her party!

Pin the tail on My Little Pony
Aunika loves to play games, this was her first time doing "pin a tail" game. She got the main idea of pinning the tail but didn't want to spin or be blind folded. 

Lets make a craft! One of Aunika's favorite things to do!

It's a rainbow!

Lets blow out the candles!

Time to unwrap the gifts she received!
Which included: walking Furreal Pony from Mom and Dad, remote control My Little Pony car and little furniture from Grandma and Grandpa, Disney Story Collection book from Bradley, Princess bubble machine from Maxine, doctor kit and My Little Pony from Charlie. All these little friends of hers provided such fun gifts for our little Aunika, we are so grateful for the friendships they have with her.

Don't let this face fool you, she caught a cold, yikes!

Daddy's Girl!

Friendly as can be!
Goofy to boot!

 Aunika is 3!
Aunika was pooped after her party and ready to read her new book that she loves with all the Disney Stories combined in one! Perfect gift for our 3 year old who loves to go, go, go but has some down time in between! She loves her books!!

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