Christmas Tree 2014

The year Aunika was born in 2011 we received a baby angel ornament from a dear neighbor of ours, it came with a meal that was provided for us since she was just days old at that time. We called it Aunika's "special ornament."  Most of our tree is okay to have Aunika help decorate, since she is a hands on kind of girl, except for mommy's special Santa tea cup ornaments she knows not to touch. We told her the story of how we received her ornament and she was excited to help hang her "special ornament" in the tree. 

While decorating the tree Aunika found a Chtistmas bow and thought that Lilly Bug would look so cute with a hair bow! We thought it called for a sister photo with cute Christmas bows.
Lilly and Aunika
Lilly Marie-one month old

Candy cane theme tree

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