Oscars Party

Hollywood decorations

This is a party that my husband and I have a history. We apologize to some of our friends who love our parties but we weren't able to invite due to the numbers that have grown and the small space we have.We love to host and plan together two parties a year: Oscars Parties and Halloween party. Movie business stuff happens to be my hubby's thing, thus it has turn to mine. This was a family friendly party. Though I recommend making it an adult only party unless you have a bigger house with a play room that kids are good at staying in and playing. Otherwise for us movie buffs its hard to completely enjoy the night.

 The colors were black, red and silver
Invites sent via email through punchbowl with a potluck sign up. We usually do two kinds of soup, salad, rolls and brownies.
Entry Table: Movie slate reusable every year, photo opt fun and balloons for kids to blow up (or parents to help)

Popcorn and snack table
Water (I worry about spills), plastic dinner ware, rolls and salad table. The soups were in crock pots on the counter, somewhere I didn't mind if the ladle spilled while people scooped their soups

Packets given to each guest: Best Picture answer sheet and Oscar Baollots (found on http://oscar.go.com/nominees), and movie trivia of other hit movies from the previous year.
Oscar bingo found on www.punchbowl.com
Best Picture scenes placed around the room in film strip style
Name that Best Picture game ranging from the 1930s-2000s (two of each decade)

Prizes to the winners for our games (not pictured): Best Picture game- Scene It board game from DI $2, Oscar Bingo- big size candy bar $1, Movie Trivia - popcorn and licorice $2, Oscar Ballot Winner- $7 gift certificate to the dollar theater and $1 big size candy.

I vote for this little star of mine!
Inside view from the door
Outside view: Hollywood sign made from 4 foam poster boards (two letters on each board) and  paint sticks (hammered into the ground and duct taped on the back)

A big Thank You to my friend  http://housewife2hostess.blogspot.com/ for letting me use her stuff and giving me pointers along the way!

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