Sweets & Treats and Lots of Fun!

Sweets and Treats and lots of FUN!
Lets celebrate as Aunika Jade turns ONE!
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The color scheme of this party was pink and green
The theme was cupcakes. 
Most decorations were purchased for $1 or under.
Entry Table: Giant tissue pom pom on a stand and tissue cupcakes on a tray

Tissue paper cupcakes: Roll the tissue paper like a cinnamon roll and place into a coffee filter tissue then place a bow around (I taped it). Cut up another coffee filter to add sprinkles on the top. Add some curly ribbon around and Wallah! A cute cupcake display.
Letter banner found here:http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2012/10/free-printable-whole-alphabet-banner.html . Cupcake banner made from scrapbook paper and cupcake on a Shish Kabob stick placed in a floral arrangement

Party in the kitchen included: Pin-the-cherry on the cupcake displayed on the right wall , find the hidden cupcakes all over the room (easy for children and hard ones hidden for adults), birthday girl high chair ready with a felt cupcake crown, gift table and a dessert bar full of sweets and treats! Ideas inspired from this site http://thepleatedpoppy.com/2008/11/cupcake-party/
Gift table
Ceiling decor inspired from this site http://www.cafemom.com/group/21665/forums/read/10070766/Rainbow_Unicorn_Party_Pic_Overload
Dessert bar: Bows tied with tissue paper and taped around the table cloth. Napkins, cups and utensils placed in a decorative cupcake container found in the dollar section at Target
Dessert bar: cupcakes mini and normal size, chocolate dipped marshmallows, white chocolate popcorn and strawberry flavored water. Cupcake bath fizz favors placed around the dessert table found at the dollar store.

Dipped marshmallows inspired from this photo http://imgur.com/PuEqj. Photo displayed a much prettier version mine didn't turn out so pretty.

So sweet flag made from scrapbook paper and glued onto a shish kabob stick.

Time to sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!!
Picture banner: Pictures with clothe pins hung on jute pinned across the highchair. Hand prints of the birthday girl on canvas used for decoration as well and a memorandum. 

Cupcake Birthday Crown:  inspiration found here: http://grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com/2011/05/free-pattern-month-day-11-cakies-a.html#delighted

Happy First Birthday Aunika Jade!

Whats a party without letting the kids go crazy with balloons and tissue paper!?

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