How To Host A Murder: The Chicago Caper - Dinner Party

How To Host A Murder dinner party is one of the easiest parties to throw! My husband and I L.O.V.E parties, especially murder mystery dinners.  To play the game, all you have to do is make sure you have 8 players, prepare a meal, and my all time favorite - decorate to add pizazz to the atmosphere. The game takes care of the rest. You don't have to be a good actor to play. You just need to read your part that you are given and follow the instructions.

For this particular dinner party we had the theme of The Chicago Caper 
(only in costume not in decor)

Here are some of the ideas my husband and I came up with to add pizzaz to the party
 (this was also at Halloween time): black and white theme, with black crows, skeleton heads and candles.

Entry Table

Purse and Belongings Table
 Water is at the bottom mixed with red food coloring. Molasses and Dracula's blood is put around the skeletons eye sockets. It only lasted for five to ten minutes before it disappeared into the bottom but at least it created the effect for when the guests arrived. So make sure to do this seconds before they arrive.

 set for eight (Me as the character Silky)

Candles hung from the chandelier with fish string

 Black crows attached to branches as the centerpiece

The Characters:

  Ernie "Bet a Million"

Malissa "Scoop"and Harrow

Eddie "Socks" and Molly

 Billy "The Kid" and Anna Maria "Torchy"

"Silky" M. Adam and Ernie "Bet a Million"

The Map 
(it was helpful to determine where everyone was at during the time of the murder)

 The dinner conversation:
Who murdered Hal Coppone? (we read the scripts the game provided)

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