I'm Back

After much debate and some time off from blogging, I decided to return and continue to write in my blog with a slite change. This time my blog will be more like a journal. It will include more of my husband and his activities with possible entries from him. So in other words the blog is now officially about the Schramer Family rather than just about me.

Continuing where I left of in March, our next adventure took place in April- a weekend getaway to St. George. We attended the Medieval Festival but unfortunately my camera died the first half hour we got there and I wasn't able to get photos of jousting. We did however get video, that was pretty rad.

I discovered I really enjoy archery and did fairly well for my first time. But of course only the type of archery that takes place in medieval times and not the modern way of hunting. I then almost lost my super nice camera to a palm reader who insisted that my husband could not watch my reading and said that I will die at the age of 75.

On our way home we stopped at Bryce Canyon which happened to be our very first time visiting. I recommend staying for more than a half day.

This looks like a castle or a temple. Which do you think?

This is the first of many summer trips that I need to catch you up on. Stay tuned for more.

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Tracie said...

Welcome back!

I hope you start blogging again.

You might wanna change the name of your blog if you're going to include Matt. (Maybe Brittnee and Matt all the time?) I know how to do this. Let me know if you wanna know how.

Kandice said...

Welcome back, and it looks like you guys have been having loads of fun! Im jealous....my life is pretty boring right now...and no one on one with my hubby. Oh well, someday right! I love all the pictures!