Matt Turned 30!!!!!!!

To fully understand the extent of Matt's 30th birthday we would have to fill you in on details from a few years back. Matt was the sort of guy who loved to throw parties, dj the parties, come up with creative and unique ways to throw the party, and on occasion he loved to be the center of attention. Everyone loved his parties.... A few birthdays ago Matt had told me that for his 30th he wanted a big birthday bash. I on the other hand dread birthday parties. I would be so scared that no one would show up and I'd hate it. So I remembered that as his 30th birthday approached we would have to round up what friends we have and throw him a party.

As Matt's 30th got closer, Matt got weirder. All of the sudden he didn't want a birthday party. He was concerned that no one would show up. He became shy and introverted and I bacame the extroverted party thrower. We had major plans of projecting a movie in the park as it got dark and having a concession stand with popcorn and candy available. We wanted to have a BBQ and do brats, watermelon, and soda. Matt loves playing sports outdoors so we wanted to play Bocce Ball, Volley Ball and Croquet. I even got a little too carried away with the whole idea and wanted to do a raffle.

Well I sometimes like to plan big but have a hard time following through with all of it when I don't have my little party animal (Matt wink wink) with me to make it exciting. I had to beg him two weeks before to keep the plans of having a party and we both agreed that it would better to keep it more low key. When all was said and done it turned out pretty cool. We managed to play one game of Volley Ball and eat all of Matt's favorite summertime food. We did bring a projector ready to play The Empire Strikes (Matt's favorite movie from his birth year) but we ended up watching it at our house with Darrell and Amanda because it didn't even get dark until 10:00. It was so nice to see what support we had when we didn't think we would have any.

Dave is teaching his masterful skills of BBQing to Matt
Busy being the last one to enjoy his B-day food

Joseph (friend from Matt's old ward), me, Matt, and Devan (Matt's college friend)

Matt Housley and Dallin (Matt's childhood friends)

Bethany and Dane (old visiting teacher and friends of mine)

Jason and Christian (our friends from the ward)

Darrell and Amanda (our old neighbors and good friends)

Matt, Dave, and Chad (good friends of mine and now Matt's :)

I forgot to mention Devan played some awesome music and was our personal dj

Karissa and her boy toy (my cousin)

The group, plus Traie and Austin (didn't get a picture of you guys sorry)

There you have it, Matt is officially 30 and we managed to have a great birthday BBQ. We will never again throw another ha ha.

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