The Life of the Schramer's

So I thought you all would like to know what's currently going on in my life now that Matt and I have been married for over a month now. Our life is pretty interesting; Anytime we seem to go out on a date to get away from the daily routine of life, it pretty much ends up to somewhat of a disappointment.

The first time we went out two weeks ago we used one of our gift cards we got from the wedding and was planning to see a movie afterwards. I got too tired so we just went home to watch one while I fell asleep.

The second time we tried another outing we went up to the mountains to have our self a bonfire and I was hoping Matt would play his guitar. However it turned out we got our hopes up all week long to go, it ended up raining all weekend. But we were determined as soon as it cleared we would, which was on a Sunday. While we were up there we didn't bring wood because matt thought we could find wood up there. I thought that was dumb unless we wanted to hike but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and little do you know someone was kind to leave us wood. Of course the wood had to be wet so we never did actually get a big fire going. Long story short Matt played with the fire the whole time, I prepared the hamburgers and cooked them over our portable grill. We had no dinner ware to eat on, I forgot them, and as the sun was going down I ate being real cold while Matt continued trying to get the fire going. We did manage to get two smores from the fire and Matt never got to play his guitar. It was a little disappointing and cold but a funny adventure after all.

This last outing we went on was up to Salt Lake. Matt was trying to be cute and romantic and surprisingly take me to a holiday craft fair because he thought I would thoroughly enjoy it. We went to the right address and all but the event seemed to not exist. Go figure! So instead we went to see Eagle Eye.

So basically anytime we try to do something, there seems to be something else that happens to keep us from doing what we wanted to in the first place. If that makes any sense. But is that normal, or is that just the curse of newlyweds, or is it simply the way MY life is? Who knows...

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Tracie said...

The trick is to just to love being together no matter what. I think sometimes it's kinda fun to have things go wrong. They make better stories. ;) And they're definitely something to laugh about later. Austin and I have had many dates/things not turn out the way we planned. But that's what makes life an adventure!