I have been tagged by Christy to know my quirks! So enjoy!

1. I don't like water! Lately I drink it because I'm always dehydrated but I use to get UTI alot when I was little because I didn't like water. I even carry around a water bottle and forget to drink it. I always leave it a work or in the car and never take it home with me. I only tend to drink water when I eat out or at meals cuz that is when I remember to.

2. This is personal...lol...when I am at my home I have no manners. Of course this is just with Matt. But I never thought that would be me, even when I lived with my parents or with roommates I never let go of my bodily functions. Now that I live with Matt I have no manners with my bodily functions. It's gross I hate to admit it.

3. When I have to go to the bathroom really bad I do the "potty dance." Matt is probably the only one that has ever noticed.

4. I don't like the typical food like pepperoni pizza, hot dogs (I do if it's cooked a special way-same with hamburgers), spaghetti, lasagna, or anything with red sauce!

5. I get bugged real easily by people and what they do about things or how they do them, although I find it fascinating to watch them and that they do things that bother me.

6. Don't take this personal but every time I walk into someone's house I critique their decor to myself. I analyze what they have, where they have it, and I would tell myself how I would do it differently or where it should be moved to. I actually go to my mother's house and move and arrange things all the time. I let her know when she has decorated something I don't like or that she needs to decorate her room. Of course I wouldn't ever do that to anyone else, I just think it.

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Heather said...

you are to funny! after a rough day your post made me smile, thank you!

Heidi Ferguson said...

I totally do the decor-critique thing too. Being here at dental school I have often gone to other people's apartments and been surprised that they haven't decorated or don't really have decorations...and then I feel bad for how much money I've spent on my own!

Sunflower said...

Hi Brittnee,

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog! How sweet! I was so surprised, that was nice of you. Your blog is amazing! You've written so much. And the pictures of you and Matthew are so beautiful. I just pinch myself sometimes because it is so amazing and wonderful that you and Matt are married. It makes me so happy and grateful to think about it. You are so cute together!!