Monsters Inc. Themed Halloween

Sulley and Mike Wazowski pumpkins
 Painted on with acrylic paint. We have a little one so no carving was involved. 

 Felt cut out, hot glued, and then pinned onto t-shirts.
Horns sewn, stuffed and glued onto headbands.

 Boo and Sulley 
(We had Boo's costume made by my dear friend who has better sewing skills than my basic.)

The Monsters Inc. Klan 

My daughter passed off as Boo perfectly because she already looks like her. Big eyes, brown hair and straight across bangs. You can't tell but we also put her hair in piggy tails. She wore purple pants, pink t-shirt and tennis shoes just like Boo. Prior to Halloween, we had several people tell us that she looked like Boo. That lead us to the the Monsters Inc Theme. A perfect fit for us, we just love that movie :)

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