Wright Wedding Reception Photo Shoot

Yes, I have been doing photography for several years now. I used to take photos of landscape and objects as a hobby. It's just recently that I have been asked to do a wedding reception. Consequently this was one of my firsts. Some turned out pretty cute I would say. However I have some more practicing to do. So please don't ask me to do yours...yet!

 I have photographed two families for Christmas cards last year, but I mostly just photograph my daughter which I will be posting soon. Some of you may have seen them on Facebook.

Thank you Karissa and Dallin for letting me take photos and allowing me to come out of my photography shell.

Congratulations to Karissa & Dallin Wright!!!
Such a fun and vintage wedding reception with lots of SWING dancing!

Please feel free to leave a comment, it just makes my day!!!

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Kandice said...

Great Job!! You are so talented.
It was a super cute wedding.

Kari Sharp said...

Cute pictures! You captured some really great moments!

Cami said...

Fantastic! You did a great job and I'm sure they are really happy with these pictures.