Aunika Turns One!

 I can't believe my baby girl turned one last month! 

How time flies! It was only yesterday I was holding her in my arms as we first came home from the hospital wondering how in the world was I going to do this mother thing. I had to change my whole life in order to make her my priority and provide her with constant care. It has been a journey I have yet to master but I wouldn't change that for the world. She is the cutest girl you will ever meet and she brings such happiness and joy into our lives. I just love her bubbly personality full of expression and wonder to the world around her. I love you Aunika Jade.xoxo

We chose to celebrate this special memory a few different ways. We first celebrated just after Thanksgiving in Roosevelt so that my parent's, grandparent's, brother, sister-in-law,  nieces, and nephew could help her celebrate. Her official birthday was November 30th. I'm so grateful for family in Aunika's life to help us celebrate. They were very giving and made her Birthday special.

  Aunika's milestones:
3 months-laughs and smiles all the time
4 months-gives hugs
5 months-rolls over
6 months-turns pages to books, army crawl,and says "da-da-da" and sits up on her own
7 months "ma-ma"
9 months-claps
11 months- crawls
12 months-crawls up the stairs
More words: ba-ba (bottle),baby, no, hi, bye, yeah, papa, and OH

 Cousins: Javien, Ambriella, Melania, and Aunika
Grandma and Grandpa Oaks

Happy Birthday Song- Make a wish!

She wished for more cake!!

We had a cupcake decorating party and each made our own mess to eat after we sang Aunika "Happy Birthday" which you could see she thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake! Along with all the attention that came with it!!!

I made my own Birthday cupcake since my Bday is close to hers and she was a little angry and wanted to have mine too.

We then opened presents! Aunika got a little emotional over her cousin's helping her opening the gifts. Or should I say to possessive? Yeah she isn't used to sharing yet...
She soon forgot her anger by my brother smothering her with balloons. She loved it.

She became super exhausted after having so much fun and wanted her daddy!

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Cami said...

oh my too cute! I can't believe she has passed the one year mark already. She is adorable and is a perfect mix of you and Matt. I hope you both had a great birthday!