Book Club

I have recently joined a book club in which I am so stoked about. I am happy I had a friend who even thought of inviting me to one, I love reading!! Though to some, I may seem to be less opinionated I actually have plenty to say. Most times I'm just not the type to speak up or am afraid of confrontation. But go me! I'm sharing my opinions more and more no matter who agrees with them or not.

Anyhow the book we read this month was called "Left to Tell," which is about the Rwandan Holocaust and the hatred between the Hutus and the Tutsis. The Holocaust is such an interesting topic to me, so intriguing. The concept of involving God in the picture of a Holocaust and that someone of such great faith could go through something so devastating and can actually forgive afterward, just boggles my mind. It was a great pick for my first non fiction. Yes people, my first (well except for "A Child Called It"-which is also great, and some other book about Sacajawea).

If you haven't read "Left to Tell," I highly recommend that you do! You may not enjoy the details of what happens but in the end it's true to life, it's reality, sometimes we just have to know.

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