I have finally seen the Nutcracker with my dear mother who made it possible for me to go! I can't believe that it's taken me this long to see such a classic Christmas tale, but I haven't really been the kind of person to enjoy the ballet. I'm still not that kind, but it was definitely worth seeing. We saw it at the Capitol Theater in downtown Salt Lake.

I'll have to admit the Plum Fairy put me to sleep with all her dancing. It is beautiful but really lengthily. I tend to like the guy dancers the most, the one in groups, they seem to have a bit more spunk into their dancing. I was a little disappointed with the land of sweets and not seeing any sweets. For some reason I imagined a candy land with soldiers drumming. I did not see any soldiers drumming. It could be different versions or something just made up in my head every time I thought of the "Nutcracker."

However, seeing all the foreign celebration dances were entertaining, especially the Chinese with their umbrellas and the Russians with that famous dancing in a squat position (no idea what it was called). And of course I can't help but thinking the winter land of snow was exquisite. Most of the costumes and props were amazing as well. Like I said, you have to see it at least once.

Has anyone else seen it, am I the last one to see it? What do you think of it?

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Fig said...

I love The Nutcracker. Nothing like it.

Now you're making me want to go ... I guess when we get back to Utah we'll hit up the Capitol Theatre!