Our "Killer" Halloween Party was themed around the game "Clue" and death. We did our own live version of "Clue" where people had to go look around our house for the clues-and yes some of them were hidden quite well. No this is not similar to the "Murder Mystery" game. Matt and I put our two heads together for the introduction story, each character, and their plot of how they could have killed the victim. Each character's name and story was inspired by our guests costumes and the "Clue" game board was still used but with real weapons.


A Death Decree at 43
Hamilton Alexander, the 43-year-old millionaire and owner of the Willow Creek Resort is found dead on Hollow’s Eve before giving his special announcement at a banquet in the dining room.
Prior to building the rustic Willow Creek Resort, Mr. Alexander made his first fortune as a New York stock broker. Years later, for a change of pace, Alexander traded the New York skyscrapers for the Rocky Mountains of Utah. He spent his days exploring the mountains and the great outdoors and his nights socializing in the most exclusive night clubs and ritzy hotels. In no time, Alexander became one of the most well-connected and influential men in all of Utah.
It was during this time Hamilton Alexander formed a planning committee of prestigious men and women to build the Willow Creek Resort. The Willow Creek Resort was an instant success and praised by the press, critics, and travelers alike. Most of the original members of the committee also stayed on as the acting board of directors. Mr. Alexander practically became a millionaire overnight and was the majority shareholder of a Fortune 500 company.
By the time Alexander celebrated his 40th birthday he was financially cushioned for life. In fact, on the night of his extravagant birthday party, rumors were spread that he might be soon retiring to commence an around the world trip in his hot air balloon. These rumors surfaced from the party and were discussed by the board of directors in the penthouse suite. There was only one problem - Alexander was not present for these discussions. So the topic soon changed from harmless plans for the future to dangerous schemes and plotting.
Nothing came of the penthouse discussions and they were eventually forgotten . . . or so it seems. Three years later, Alexander invited everyone to a grand banquet for a special announcement regarding the future of the Willow Creek Resort. The entire board of directors was in attendance as were close relatives, friends, associates, exclusive guests, and the press.
The announcement was scheduled for 6pm sharp, but the ever-punctual Alexander didn’t show. When his personal assistant went to investigate, Alexander’s dead body was discovered. He had been brutally murdered.
King Kong
Kong, the misunderstood and beastly man, is a former friend and stock broker colleague to Mr. Alexander. On days Kong and Alexander teamed up on the floors of NYSE, they were generally victorious and remained the closest of friends. Otherwise they were vicious rivals with Kong often the bitter loser. These early loses formed a cycle of jealousy that burrowed up inside Kong. Still they remained friends until Alexander made his first million on the Willow Creek Resort. Rather than congratulate Alexander, Kong pounded his chest in fury and never spoke with him again. On the night of the murder, he was last seen watching TV in the Living Room.
Ann Darrow
Ann Darrow, niece to the late Hamilton Alexander and daughter to his sister, Margaret, is the only one out of Margaret’s seven children who stays in contact with their uncle. After Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer and couldn’t afford treatment, Darrow pleaded with her Uncle Alexander to contribute, but he coldly refused. So, Darrow quit college and worked full time to care for her mother. From that point on, Darrow vowed that she would find a way to pay for her mother’s expensive treatment even if it required drastic measures. On the night of the murder, she was last seen closing the door of the Bathroom.
Chuck Lee
Chuck Lee is tough as nails, a health nut, patriotic, is always in control, and has lightning fast reflexes. Lee excelled at everything he did and was thus honored with countless accolades and awards. His first public recognition was in the Air Force, then in Martial Arts, which he later went on to master and start his own training camp. Lee was also influential in politics and the media. Alexander recognized Lee’s power and influence, so he hired him as an advisor and spokesperson and put him on the board of directors. Lee fulfilled his duties faithfully until suddenly he was fired without warning. Lee went on to have a successful career as an actor and karate trainer, but his friendship with Alexander was scarred for life. Lee was last seen at the computer in the Study.
Dottie Cheshire
Dottie Cheshire is a mischievous woman who used her trickery and slight of hand to get the dirty facts and hard news. Unbeknownst to her interviewees, Cheshire conned her way to the top as a reporter and news writer. Her career flourished and soon all the top news agencies were battling over who would have Cheshire as their ace reporter. The New York Times won the bidding duel and Dottie’s first assignment was an expose of Mr. Hamilton Alexander. Naturally, Alexander accepted the interview since it would only bring him more into the limelight. To everyone’s surprise, Cheshire’s article was a scathing review of the ugly side of Alexander. But Alexander would not be undone – he used his affluence and tarnished Cheshire’s name by saying she was a pathological liar and con artist. Promptly, Cheshire was fired and had trouble finding gameful employment ever since. Cheshire was last seen arranging something in the closet of the Guest Quarters.
Mr. Butterfly Catcher
Butterfly Catcher, with his obsessive mentality and sarcastic wit is a disgruntled guest of the Willow Creek Resort. During his time of good standing with the resort, Catcher was a frequent guest and one time VIP member. Catcher even met Alexander in person at a private party held at one of the penthouse suites. They both swapped adventure stories from their travels and shared their collections with each other. Alexander had rare collections of insects while butterflies were Catcher’s specialty. During this “Show and Tell” Catcher noticed Alexander had a Palos Verdes Blue butterfly, the rarest known to man. When mysteriously that rare butterfly disappeared from Alexander’s collection, Catcher was accused of stealing and escorted off the premise. Some say Catcher did steal it, some say he didn’t. The actual truth is yet to be revealed. Catcher was last seen reading in the Study.
Vanessa Mariposa
Mariposa is considered by most a woman of great fortune and luck, although slightly erratic in nature. Born in Spain, raised in France, and an immigrant into North America, Mariposa didn’t completely evolve into the refined lady she is today until she landed in North America. Mariposa’s true claim to fame came from her premonitions of future disasters or triumphs. She gained the attention of TV networks, the press, political leaders, and even Hamilton Alexander. They teamed up on the stock market to make a fortune and again on the Willow Creek Resort. Sadly, Mariposa was never recognized as the reason behind all of Alexander’s success. Instead Alexander claimed it was of his own doing. Mariposa was last seen in the Kitchen cooking something.
Lady Killigrew
Lady Killigrew was born into royalty in London, England and was next in line to be Queen. The life of royalty never interested in Killigrew though. One day she tied up her household staff and stole a docked ship. Killigrew later attacked a British government ship which housed many members of parliament. Killigrew only injured the passengers, but also managed to sneak away with their riches. Because she was disowned from the royal family, Killgrew emigrated to the US, where she changed her name to Mary Mixtow. It was then she became a big-time gambler at the local casinos and clubs, but soon she was buried in debt, including the largest debt of 500,000 owed to Mr. Alexander. Alexander’s patience eventually ran out, so he assigned his personal collection agency to collect from Killigrew. She was last seen in pajamas in the Master Bedroom.
Captain Blaine Sparrow
Captain Sparrow used his wit and negotiation skills to not only survive, but to prosper in society as well. Sparrow like many people, has one vice though it’s no the common one of treasure. Sparrow’s vice maintaining his reputation and power, for he desires to have leverage over all others so he can get what he wants when he wants. As Sparrow grew his reputation, he heard of Alexander and his resort. Soon Sparrow was a regular guest and later a VIP member of the Willow Creek Resort. On the surface, Sparrow’s encounters with the resort seemed innocent and ethical, but he tricked Alexander and his staff into thinking that, so he could smuggle riches from the resort and sell them on the open market. Sparrow continued to do so until Alexander started to catch on. Sparrow was last seen rummaging through the Storage.
Lieutenant Finch
The “No-Nonsense” Lieutenant Finch first met Alexander at Army Boot Camp and later they served together as Marines in the same battalion during Desert Storm. Finch was an excellent marksman but a rather obstinate soldier with no respect for authority. Alexander on the other hand dutifully obeyed and became Finch’s Sergeant. During a heavy firefight, Finch and Alexander fought along side each other and overtook an enemy base. One wounded man was taken hostage, but instead of treating him as a prisoner of war, Sergeant Alexander killed him without discussion. Ever since that incident, Finch wanted justice served for Lieutenant Alexander. On the night of the murder he was last seen smoking a cigar out on the Patio.
Ms. Crimson
The seductive temptress, Ms. Crimson, effortlessly lured many impressionable men away from their girlfriends or wives. When Crimson and Alexander first crossed paths at a nightclub in Park City, the sparks ignited between them. Crimson had not intended on falling in love, but Alexander’s alpha male status and flirtatiousness was too much to resist. Their relationship started in a flurry of passion and lust, but ended just as quickly at it began. Alexander broke Ms. Crimson’s heart, fleeing without a word for the next pretty thing. Later he finally confessed in a formal letter he never loved her and maybe would never love anyone. Alexander’s callous confession drove Crimson mad with rage. She now wanted to settle the score. Crimson was last seen in the Laundry Room.
Roscoe the Trickster
Roscoe “The Trickster” is a professional entertainer, clown, and comedian or sorts. He always has a trick up his sleeve and man of many colors, for his multiple talents and abilities. Roscoe started out in the circus as a clown, then moved to the stage, then eventually had his own comedy show on Comedy Central. Later he became a distinguished guest of the White House where he entertained the President and his wife. Despite his ever-growing fame and following, Roscoe had yet to receive the praise of Mr. Alexander, whose resort Roscoe frequented with entertaining acts. In fact, one night after Roscoe’s performance, Alexander watched attentively, but did not compliment Roscoe, nor even applaud his performance. Roscoe’s heart and ego were crushed and he never forgot that rejection. Roscoe was last seen in the Laundry Room.

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