Birthday Clues

As I wake up I walk down the heart filled stairs to the table with a quick breakfast of hot cocoa and a pop-tart and a clue card that reads.

Clue 1: Happy 26th Birthday! My love for you is 26 times greater than it was when I first met you.

Expect nature's beloved creations to give you a head start today.
-the clue above prepared me for a surprise-pink and yellow flowers with a Happy Birthday balloon attached with another clue card was brought by my husband to my work with a Wendy's meal for lunch.

Clue 2:I will love you until the last flower fades. (Look closely at all the flower to find one that's different.)
- the different flower was a fake flower hidden among the others, meaning that he will love me always.

Before you can treat yourself my love, click your heels together three times and say "There's no place like home." Now obey yourself and go home.
- I go home and we then drive up to Salt Lake to dine while in the car I pull the visor down and out falls rose petals and a clue card.

Clue 3: Your fragrance is always so divine, so you have no need for a shower, but as long as I live I will shower you with love...and ocassionally with rose petals,

All you asked for was a new adventure and a change of scenery in our dining experience, so prepare to eat at the Fratelli Ristorante.
-The waiter collects our plates another clue is placed under the plate and I notice it right off for he wasn't very sly with this one. It reads:

Clue 4: For all the times I didn't listen to you, I apologize, but may I redeem myself with one instance where I do listen.
-he shows he is listening to me by asking how my day went and the fact that he took me to an Italian place showed he was also listening.

Now that our hunger is satisfied and our thirst quenched, let the after dinner entertainment begin at the Movies.
- We then watch "This is It" because he knows I'm a fan and always wanted to see a concert of M.J.

Clue 5: Let your birthday blues disappear and let the festivities begin, because I love you too much to let you down.

Your birthday is not complete with one traditional surprise ready and waiting at home.
- I was so glad it wasn't a surprise party waiting for me at home, I was telling him my fear of people throwing me one and either no one showing up or only a few to make it uncomfortable. But instead it was a yummy chocolate cake he bought with candles that he privately sang to me himself. He knew how much I was dreading my B-day this year!

Clue 6: Of course I couldn't let your birthday pass without giving you a gift to open. It's a small way to show you I care
- We already bought my gift two weeks ago on a shopping spree. It was a dress with jewelry so criminy, he always goes all out. I got stress relief arhoma therapy lotion and body wash.

Is there more in store form Brittnee on her birthday? Go upstairs when I call for you and see if there is.
- Awh what a great way to end the evening in a nice and stress-free bath

OF course that isn't all, he manages to get ahold of my girlfriends and sets up a surprise dinner after work the following day. He told me to meet him at Chili's but low and behold he wasn't there it was a few of my good friends. I could have killed him!

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Cami said...

So sweet, he always comes up with the greatest things. What a good guy you have. Hope your birthday was fantastic! Sorry I wasn't able to celebrate with you.

Fig said...

He's a winner, seriously.