Vintage Photograpy

So I love vintage stuff and thought I would throw in some of my own photos with some other photos I found. It's pretty obvious which ones are mine, as it is quite clear they are the best ones. Ha ha.

So can you tell which ones are mine??,

Great now I'm in the mood to go do vintage photography!!

Here is one I did using the advice my friend Marcus (thanx btw)gave on my comments. It's Lomography-the look that gives the old photo feel. He's like the tip junkie for photos.

Photoshop does wonders!

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Marcus said...

If you're wanting to get a camera which produces a cool "vintage" effect like that first image of the balloon, you should check out Lomography. Years ago, there were a few companies that introduced these cheap, plastic lens and plastic frame cameras. They're still made today and have come back into style. A lot of people refer to them as toy cameras. There's like two settings... The idea is to just shoot. No guaranteed results but they're always interesting. Here's the site for Lomography photos and a link to their shop:

There are a lot of lomo/holga type photos on flickr, too.

These are film cameras so you'd have to get it developed. I've been thinking about buying one and learning how to develop film myself. I've always been interested in the process.

If you have photoshop, you can kind of duplicate the results by following this tutorial:

Tracie said...

Nope, I can't tell which ones are yours. I can tell a few which are probably not yours. You're a good photographer anyway. :)

Cami said...

I love your vintage photos. And I agree with Marcus, investing in a holga or lomo camera is a great idea. I have one on my amazon wish list but I haven't purchased it yet. It will be the next thing though, after a washer and dryer of course. That seems to be taking priority these days.

Kandice said...

You have always be en the artsy one havent you! Next time you are close to Vernal I would love new "vintage" family pics!