As of late, I have a fascination with petroglyphs that are found outside my hometown. Thanks to my father who is my own personal tour guide, I am able to explore different sites without the worrying where to go or how to get there. I have explored some 'glyphs before but never with any sort of appreciation. I think having a camera helps with that! It also helps to have a father who tried so hard to show me things and helped develop my love for the great outdoors!

Any how these particular petroglyphs are the spectacular artwork from the Fremo
nt Indians. They lived on the earth from about 1,700 to 600 years ago. They were most known for their hunting and gathering, aka farmers. The Fremont Culture covers the Western Colorado Plateua and the Great Basin (my hometown). Here is the site if you would like to know more about it or how to get there....Petroglyphs

This one is known as "The Great Hunt."

What a great place to put the sign huh!

A place where one might have lived or a hide out.

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Marcus said...

These are great. I've only seen petroglyphs a few times and that was many years ago.

Are these the shots Dave wanted you to drive him out there to see?

Cami said...

Awe - so nice of your dad to be your tour guide. It is so amazing to me that these things still exist. I mean they made those a long time ago, yet they are still so clear! Just astounding!