Memory Game

This one is making the rounds.

Directions: Leave a comment on my blog of a memory you and I have had together. It doesn't matter if you've known me for a short time or a long time; anything that you remember!Then re-post this on your blog to see who leaves comments for you..

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Horrocks Clan said...

OK here's mine. I remember thinking that you were actually a lot like me! So you must be very cool of course! And along with all of your memories, I remember the monkey on the side of the road and you LOVING it! (I did too) And, the iguana across the street. I decided you were definitely a animal person. And how about the guy with the camera phone asking your mom if he could take your picture. LOL. BTW... my sand castle was an exact replica of chitzen-itza it had to be way better than yours ;) I guess all in all I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy myself at all and I was very happy to have you guys to hang with! Now we need to go with you and Matthew.

Jason & Heather said...

Hey Brittnee! one of my favorite memories...or at least one that sticks out to me is when we went to vegas for spring break, and we were suppose to stay at my sisters but we could'nt get a hold of her, so we stayed with random people we met on the strip (what were we thinking??)but luckily we finally got a hold of her and were saved!

Lechelle said...

- I remember going to the SLC Temple with you on your special day! That was awesome. Thanks so much for letting me be included on that. I am sorry I will miss your wedding but I am very glad that I got to spend some time with you.
- I remember when we each went through embarrassing stuff while we were living together, and we were able to support each other through it with love while withholding judgement.
- I remember experiencing my first easter egg roll with you and your family.
- I remember sunflowers in your mom's salon and instantly liking your family.

Fig said...

How about . . . the time you flew down the hill like a madwoman across the street from Wildflower Salon on your bike and went over the handlebars?

Or the time we switched homes - I spent the night at your house, and you spent the night at mine?

Or when I "directed" you in your first kiss and then totally freaked out about it?

Or when we used to get in fights over the sizes of our respective boobs?

Or when we drew lizards all over everything?

Or when I made you that windsock to match your black-and-white room?

Or when we Naired our legs and got spooked by the devil in your room?

Or when we thought we were are hardcore with our JNKOs and dog collars?

So, yeah, you oughta be able to guess who I am by now. :-) I randomly found your blog and was really excited, because I still think about you from time to time even after we haven't really hung out for what, ten years?

Congratulations on getting married - you will love it. Not having to say goodbye at the end of the night is the BEST THING EVER. Just remember to sleep naked every once in a while.