As I await for my married life with Matt, I live in a small town called Roosevelt, and man am I bored!! No offense to those who live in a small town, but I guess I am to used to being in the city and having Matt by my side, its hard. So I decided to write miscellaneous things about who knows what.

First of all Matt and I had our first camping trip together. After one year of dating we finally go's a family reunion. Not so fun on my part though. Well the frist few hours was a blast. But Why was in not fun after that? Well because Matt drove a 4wheeler for the first time up mountains and my father happened to take us up a very steep climb. Yah..didn't turn out so well. It so happened that the 4wheeler ended up straight in the air, I was on the ground, and Matt was ready to fall on top of me with the 4wheeler. Luckily my father came to the rescue as I let a bloody scream. Truthfully I wasn't panicking (I was very calm for some unknown reason) I only screamed to get some help. I ended coming away with a bloody elbow, just a little scraped, and a bruised butt. Matt just got a road rash on his leg. Nothing big...until the next day. My body ached! That night was miserable. Not only did my body ache, my mattress went flat in the middle of the night, I was rolling down hill slightly because I was slightly on a hill, and my dog was by my tent heaving all night later finding out she had bronchitis.

Thus I had the worse night of my life. We had just got there day before and reunion or not I wanted to go home. That night we left...unfortunately everyone just thought we were party poopers but I didn't care I ached, and I was ornery all I wanted to do was sleep. So there you have it our first camping trip together.

Second of all I had my first bridal shower which was a blast....Tracie may not think so because she was so stressed but I had fun. I actually felt like a princess thanks to my friend Lina and Tracie. Thanks again Tracie.

And finally...I need your help. For those of you who don't know, I work in the education field and have the summer off. Matt is going to be gone to Guatemala for two weeks and I am going to miss him terribly! Yes I am out here alone in Roosevelt as it is but I end up seeing him every weekend and talk to him on the phone about twice a day. I wont beable to do that soon. I need your help on ideas of what to do (keep in mind I am by must of the suggestions need to be pertaining to that. Here is the list I had for myself outside wedding stuff.

Chores for my parents...moving the lawn, cleaning organizing, etc.
Be with family
Find an old friend I went to high school with and go to lunch
Read a book
Watch my fav movies I don't get to watch with Matt m
My hobbies(which is Photography)
Table Proj. (Paint and sand a table)
Exercise (which I need to do more)

Can you help me by coming up with more ideas. Keep in mind I have a month longer to survive, no one to do it with, and no money!!

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Lechelle said...

You could make personalized Christmas stockings for you and Matt. I made some for Kelly and I last year and I wish I had time to finish them. You can see them in my December posts on my blog, I just used felt but I am going to add beads and sequins and such.

You could also learn how to cook Matt's favorite meals/desserts if you haven't already. Then you could not tell him and surprise him with them later.

There's always the dinosaurs to visit :)

Horrocks Clan said...

Here's an idea! Call me for lunch... Call me to exercise... I'm up for those things! I'm so excited for you & Matt.