Girls Night Out facials and nails- On a budget!

Throwing a girls night out party sounded like a great way to kick off the summer by doing facials and nails (flash back to high school years). A friend of mine mentioned to me how messy this could be so I was a bit hesitant with the idea but loved how it turned out. And the girls loved it too. I also did this on a very tight budget (less than $10) We all could use some pampering now and then and what better way to do it together and cheaper in your own home.

I acquired the bowls from the thrift store for $1each. One of the girls thought that the presentation looked like she was at a spa with the way the bowls looked. I should have kept it a secret where I bought them but I didn't. I like to share to others that they can be thrifty too. I also price matched the avocados at Walmart (I am big at price matching for .50 cents each but I have seen them even cheaper)

I also asked everyone to bring a treat to share. Mine were the yummy chocolate cookies on bottom. I used the stand I made from a pinterest idea (candle sticks and stove top covers spray painted white from the Dollar Tree $3). I then placed it on a white platter to make it a tower of three).

 Recipe for Avocado Facial (makes enough for 3 ): 
one avocado, ripe and smashed
one egg white, 
1 tsp of lemon. 
Combine the ingredients in a bowl (mixing and then smashing with a potato smasher) apply to clean face and wait for 20 minutes before washing off. Beware you look a little like you belong on Shrek.

I had the girls apply the mask to their face before we did our nails. They each did their own cutting of the avocados and lemons and mixing of the ingredients. Less work for me. I had the girls pair up in twos so actually one did the mixing and they didn't mind sharing from the same bowl. Afterwards they said how soft their faces felt.
DIY glitter toes:
Fun base color (you most likely won't see the base color but just in case)
Fun Glitter color (I bought mine from Walmart, you can use any scrapbook glitter)
Clear Top Coat
Paper plate or paper towel

Using your paper towel or plate under your toes, paint base color on one toe. Then apply enough glitter to cover that toe. Press down firmly. Then repeat this step to the other toes one by one. When dry apply the top coat to all the toes at once. Whala! You got yourself glitter toes, no need to go pay for one!

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