Cinnamon Rolls

One of my New Years resolution is to learn how to bake (other than cookies and pizza dough which I'm already great at:). Thanks to my mama, I have received a Kitchen Aid for Christmas and would feel terrible if I didn't put it to use. They are pretty pricey to just sit there.

My first attempt at baking was bread. I actually received help from one of my wonderful neighbors with this one. She left early so I can't blame her for any mishaps. It tasted great but it ended up being a little too dense. Oh well I guess you live and you learn. I was happy though because I faced my fear with yeast.

My second attempt was today. I made myself think of an excuse to use yeast again and bake cinnamon rolls for my former co-workers tomorrow. Multiple times we had pot luck lunches and I only brought drinks (hey I was pregnant and didn't have time or energy to do anything else) so I owe it to them to do something yummy. I hope they like them. My hubby and I sure did, but maybe it was the frosting lol.

In the meantime Aunika was busy eating her fist. She just loved watching me today, she missed her usual morning nap. I didn't realize that baking actually takes all day, or maybe that's just having to take care Aunika in between.

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Luminosity Photography said...

Aww, sorry the bread didn't work out! We'll have to try again some time. :) Those cinnamon rolls look divine!