My Brain

So have you ever heard that while being pregnant, or sometimes after, that you lose 20% of your brain cells?

I think I have lost 30%! I am now able to smoothly have a conversation with an adult but I still feel like I'm not making sense. Or I feel as though I forgot what I was saying or doing. Is this real? Is pregnancy brain real or is it a myth?

I have heard that it is due to lack of sleep, I have read that as well. However I beg to differ, something has honestly happened to me. I feel "stupider" in ways but "smarter" in others:)

Smarter about raising this precious girl, it takes some thinking-right. And if I have happened to lose some, well, it was well worth it.

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Clint.and.Nicole said...

When I was pregnant I remember reading something that women really do lose brain cells when they are pregnant. I think I read it in my What to Expect When Your Expecting, had to have been because that was the only baby book I read. So, there is an excuse for the forgetfulness:) So glad that you are getting back to your blogging