Here are the long waited answers of what movies were filmed in Astoria, Oregon. The pictures are down below and thus match up to the following numbers:

1. Flavel House, a Victorian home built in 1885, was filmed in Goonies

2. The Astoria Column, the only one of its kind in the world was included in many movies; Kindergarten Cop, Free Willey, Goonies, Short Circuit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

3. Old County Jail Building, This jail, used from 1914 to 1976, was included in Goonies, Come See The Paradise, and Short Circuit.

4. The Goonies House, used for one of the main characters house.

5. This building was used as the Astorian Times newspaper, where the main character in Ring II worked (this happens to be one of my favorite genres-and well liked movie). It's not really a newspaper place at all. It's a place where the elderly get their hearing aides and such. But it deffinately was filmed in the inside and outside as well.

6. John Jacob Astor Elementary School, served as Kindergarten Cop's school setting. The filming was done during summer vacation, and local students were used as extras in the shooting. Many local people were used as extras as well. Much of the art work used in the film was done by Astor School students.

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Tracie said...

I thought most of them were in Goonies. Particularly since Austin and I watched it not too long ago.

You're such a Goonie!

Ah, memories.