Pioneer Day

For the 24th of July (Utah celebration of the Pioneers) Matt and I went to the Days of 47 parade in Salt Lake. It was my first big parade that I can remember, I went to some when I was little but don't remember much. I would have to say it was definitely hot, long, and a lot neater to see on T.V. It could have been that there just weren't as many cool floats this time around. Mostly marching bands and people on horses are what this parade consisted of . But here are some photos I took....

We also went to another Powwow since the last one we went to in Roosevelt we didn't get to see a whole lot. However once again we didn't get to see a whole lot of dancing because we were too worried about saving a spot for the fireworks and waiting for our food. Oh well, I did get a few good photos but will spare you another post about it, unless you want to see some, let me know.

We then ended the night at Liberty Park watching the fireworks by the pond, which by the way was my first time taking photos of fireworks ( I did them manually without a tri-pod...big oops) I think I did fairly okay.

The End

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Marcus said...

Even without the tripod, the fireworks shots turned out pretty well. It would be cool to get a lot of reflection in that pond, too.

Nice job.

Sunflower said...

Brittnee, your photos are getting better and better!! Great pictures! You and Matt are so perfect together!! Love the ladybugs, too! So cute!