Walking Pnuemonia

I think someone forgot to cover their mouth when they coughed because Matt and I have been super sick these last two weeks!! Talk about no fun as the weather is warm around us we are stuck being miserable indoors.

I walked away from the clinic yesterday finding out I have walking pneumonia, which I originally thought was the cold flu. It had been something that was in my system for two weeks now. I finally decided something was wrong with me when I had my third fever of 103 but yet I would feel fine all the other days. The only symptom I had was coughing every morning. Last night was the worst of all, we were up all night coughing unable to breath it was sooo bad.

Anyhow I just needed to vent that being sick sucks, I'll spare you the details of how horrible it is. My mother wasn't having any sympathy for me. She just cares about her grand baby not being sick which I'll have to admit it is amazing that she isn't. Our friends tell us it's a part of parenting that we should get used to. It's one thing being sick, but it's another when you have to take care of an infant on top of being sick, so please can't someone feel sorry for me ;)

The End

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Cami said...

Awe- yuck! Sorry to hear you have been sick. That is miserable. I totally know how you feel since I've been sick too. Sinus infection in October, bronchitis and laryngitis in December/January, and now an ear infection in March - not the best time in my life. I've spent so much time sick, I'm starting to go crazy.
Hope you get better soon.